Athleisure Wear in the Workplace – Ahh Push It!

Does your workplace have a dress code. I tell ya what I have a dress code at my job. It’s a cute tri-fold document and there is an electronic version with cartoons showing what is appropriate versus what is not appropriate for work. First let’s talk about jeans. The dress code at my job states denim and jeans. Denim is only allowed on designated days (usually Fridays). The code states no denim shirts, denim skirts, denim jackets or jeans. Yep you read it correctly, leave your cute denim jacket at home!

Here’s another one, no worn, wrinkled, torn, frayed or dirty clothing. Do you ever stop and wonder, what had to happen in order for HR to put these rules in the handbook. I mean who came to work with dirty torn clothes on? I guess I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with wrinkled clothes (I’m guessing worn has a definition as well). Okay now I am cracking up, no coordinated sweatsuits, sweatpants, sweatshirts. This takes me back to the late 80’s and early 90’s. Do you remember the silky sweatsuits with the gold ropes. If not take a look below. Yep, there was a woman who wore them every causal day in the office. Her name was Sally. I miss her.

Moving on, no shorts, beach wear (REALLY why do we have to put this in, again what happened!!). No spandex or Lycra such as biker shorts, tank tops, tube tops, or spaghetti/thin straps, off-the shoulder tops, open backs, exposed undergarments and bare midriffs, hats, caps, clothing too short, too tight or transparent, flip-flops, rubberized mules or similar. Last but not least, no workout clothes or athletic wear.

Now with this workout or athletic wear, there are certain brands that have really cute workout clothes that I would wear to work and to meetings. I have a few pair of leggings that I wear with long tunics throughout the year. In the winter I usually pair this combo with booties or tall boots. In the warmer months I pair this combo with sandals or flats. In regards to pants, I have a few pair of dance studio pants that I wear and joggers. If the joggers are made out of a nicer material, they are going to show up in my fashion line up for work and more than likely not on casual day. Examples of how to wear leggings and joggers are below. I have the both pair of joggers pictured. See how you can style them differently? With a pair of walking shoes, you look more athletic. But throw on a pair of heels and you are ready for the office. Super cute and extremely comfortable.

You can have everything you want in life if you dress for it..

Edith Head

Don’t get me wrong, people abuse clothes on a regular basis and make it hard for the rest of us. Hence the reason we have dress codes. I was joking when I stated above, what happened to make HR write these rules. We all know that one person in the office that should never wear leggings. Or the person that comes to work with their belly showing. So this is a safe place, when I said we know the person that should not wear leggings, the first thing you thought of was someone overweight. Tell the truth. Well that’s normally not the issue, it’s the picture below. “These are cute, I can wear these to work, I don’t look bad.” WRONG ANSWER!! Same with the second outfit. Super cute, but not appropriate for the workplace.

All in all, I do believe that work attire has gotten a little lazy. But I am not against wearing pieces that are transitional. Again athleisure wear, if worn correctly you wouldn’t even know someone was wearing their gym pants to work. Layers are a great way to incorporate athleisure wear into the workplace. Don’t get me started on a blazer and a nice pair of heels.

How do you feel about athleisure wear in the workplace and/or leggings? Share your comments and let’s begin the discussion.

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