It Was All a Dream

Or at least a vision. There are so many ways to keep track of your goals, visions, dreams, and tasks. What method do you use? So I am pretty sure I have ADHD, I use several methods, it all depends on the topic and what I am trying to keep track of. The system sounds flawed but it works for me. Let’s dig in.


When it comes to thinking about my future self, I tend to go with a vision board. I take old magazines and cut out pictures that remind me of things I want to achieve (notice I did not say accomplish) some time in the future. An example is traveling to Mount Rushmore. On my board I found a picture of Mount Rushmore and stuck it on the board. Did I mention that my vision board is made of cork and I use push pins? I said this (or maybe I’m just mentioning this) because my visions are forever changing and some are getting completed. To be clear I don’t have multiple vision boards, hence the push pins. I use one and take a peak at it every once and a while to see if I am headed in the right direction or if I need to change course. This really works for me and seeing it is a creative reminder of what I want to try and accomplish (at that moment in time).

The Goal

So lets talk about goals. When it comes to my goals I like to make lists. Don’t get me started on crossing things off the list. I feel so accomplished and when I look back at a list and see several items crossed off, BOOM MIKE DROP!!. Now to be clear in my mind and on my blog, goals are things that I want to accomplish in a relatively short time frame. For instance, give the dog a bath, get groceries, or organize the closet. Short, sweet and need to get done soon. Because of my definition of a goal, this is the reason why I choose to use lists instead of some of the other methods. For work, I use lined Post-It notes, for personal goals, I use my calendar on my phone. I set reminders and deadlines for my goals as well. This keeps me accountable, I hate it when I get a reminder on my phone that I have 30 minutes to go to the grocery store for supplies for a dinner party. Now I will be honest, some days I move that appointment to give me a few more hours but at least I was reminded. In the appointment notes, I write down all the tasks that need to be completed to accomplish the goal. For instance, organize the closet is the appointment subject. In the note section I have make sure the recycle bin isn’t full, make sure my car trunk is empty, get out a large trash bag, open a bottle of wine, select a happy playlist. Now I may not do all of these tasks but it helps me get in the right frame of mind to complete the goal. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Goals in my mind have many tasks associated in order to achieve the goal. Another good tip with this method, it allows you to take baby steps (if needed) in order to complete the goal. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t wind up on the couch just drinking the wine. Sad, but it happens.


I am a firm believer in dreams become goals that become reality. Let’s break this down. I am a daydreamer. When I take walks I begin to dream of the future, where do I want to be, what do I want to do, how do I want to live. Most days it’s just that a daydream. But sometimes, stuff gets real and I begin talking and recording my thoughts in the notes app on my phone. When I get home I organize those thoughts into an action plan. From there, the goals are created along with tasks and deadlines. And sometimes all of that becomes reality – You’re cooking with gas now LOL. All of this begins with a dream and a little motivation. Now the funny thing is sometimes these dreams end up on my vision board as a reminder. But then there are times when it becomes a reality, like my blog.

What do you do with your dreams, goals, and/or visions? Do you have “to-do’ lists everywhere? Have you ever created a vision board? If so, how often do you look at it? What would happen if you stopped overthinking things and began doing things? I dare you!!

Published by nickey37

I am a businesswoman with a passion for traveling, fashion, process, and family. I love to help other women reach their goals by sharing my stories and failures. This blog will help me spread the word on do's and don'ts and hopefully help other businesswomen learn how to have a healthy work/life balance. Traveling allows me to see other cultures, meet new people, and continue learning and building relationships. With technology disrupting business (in a good way) I have noticed that relationships will play a larger role in getting things done. Hope you learn something from me and share your stories as well.

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